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Check below the answers to the most common questions, if you can’t find your answer please contact us at

General FAQ

Why buy an OKMOS e-board ?

Our e-boards have been designed for all types of riders. Thanks to their unique design, our e-boards are quick and easy to learn for beginner riders, while being very efficient for experienced riders.

Technically, our e-boards integrate the electronic components box directly into the deck. The truck fixing plates are also overmoulded during the fabrication of the board, which allows for a screwless fixing from the top of the deck.

In addition to protecting the electronics components from impact, the deck is waterproof (IP54) with a double polyurethane seal positioned under the cover plate, a hermetic charge port and on/off button, and cable protection covers.

The design of OKMOS e-boards is also unique and their shape is unlike any other board on the market. The full black look, exposed fiberglass and curved lines give them a cutting edge design. The flashy wheels reveal their bold character. In motion, the deck, the thinnest on the market, gives them a hummingbird look.

How do you justify OKMOS product prices ?

The 100% French deck is directly designed and produced in our Alsacian factory thanks to an industrial process that we developed, which allows a strong optimization of costs and a high repeatability.

We favour direct distribution by avoiding intermediaries, and we also try to favour the local economy by using partners in the area, when it’s possible.

The electronic components and mechanical elements represent the most important cost. The configuration of our products has been optimised to deliver a high performance and affordable product.

Our investments come from exclusively French funds and our brand is 100% owned by its founders.

What is Organosheet ?

Organosheet is a composite material composed of a thermoplastic matrix reinforced with fiberglass.

A composite material is formed by joining two components with complementary properties, namely the reinforcement (usually in fibre form) and the matrix (in polymer, metal or ceramic). The combination of these components provides higher performance than materials such as steel.

Organosheet has the advantage of high strength and low weight.

What is CE marking ?

CE marking represents "the manufacturer's visible engagement that his product respects the regulatory requirements for its free circulation on the whole territory of the European Union".

Tests and controls guarantee that the CE marked product complies with the essential health, safety and environmental protection requirements defined in the relevant European texts.

OKMOS e-boards have been tested and declared in conformity with the essential requirements by the independent laboratory SGS. They are therefore CE marked.

Which tests are carried out on OKMOS e-boards ?

In addition to the controls and tests carried out on OKMOS e-boards by the independent laboratory SGS, we carry out in-house tests of traction, compression, resistance and humidity.

All our e-skates are tested on a test bench before each delivery.

What are the guarantees related to OKMOS products?

OKMOS e-boards are covered by the mandatory legal guarantees, namely the Legal Guarantee for hidden defects and the Legal Guarantee of Conformity.

In addition, a one-year commercial guarantee, subject to conditions, is also applied to the products. The deck and its closing plate are guaranteed for life*.
*When used in accordance with their intended purpose (excluding inserts, screws, seals, grip, stickers).

Full details of the guarantees can be found on the Guarantee - After Sales page.

Which precautions should I take with my OKMOS e-board?
  • Always wear a helmet and appropriate protections when riding.
  • Use and handle the board responsibly. Rules of good conduct must be followed regarding the conduct and speed adopted by the user. The e-board should always be under control so as to be able to react in case of need.
  • Always ride controlling your speed. In case of electrical failure or loss of braking, the e-board must be stopped using conventional foot braking skills.
  • Don't ride downhill when the e-board is fully charged. Our battery has a regenerative function when braking, so braking losses can be caused by the overload of energy brought in during downhill rides. Your e-board may lose braking and acceleration at any time, as with all electric skateboards with an electric braking function.
  • Do not ride on wet ground or when it rains. Even if the e-board is waterproof, wet roads can become slippery, resulting in falls and injuries.
  • Do not handle the acceleration and braking controls abruptly to avoid being thrown from the e-board.
  • Take time to get used to the e-board before using it.
  • Use the e-board in good physical condition.
  • Don’t use the e-board to perform tricks or subject it to shocks and vibrations.
  • Do not handle the electronic components without protection and experience.
What are your delivery conditions ?

Deliveries are made in metropolitan France (for any other destination, please contact us). Shipping costs are applied to orders..

Deliveries are made by Colissimo, Chronopost or UPS, depending on the volume of the order.

Deliveries are made within 5 to 7 working days, upon receipt of payment.

In the event of stock shortages or periods of disruption, a longer delivery period may be applied.

In case of a delay of more than 5 days in the delivery of the order, please contact us at

May I change my decision ?

Of course, you have a legal right of retraction of 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. The product must be returned to us within this period, in its original condition and in its original packaging, in order to be refunded. The return costs will be at your charge.

The refund will be effective after reception and analysis of the product.

Before making the return, contact us at to follow the procedure.

Is there an app to check the data of my OKMOS e-board (speed, battery...) ?

Yes, two apps are available, eSkate VESC for iPhone and VESC Tool for Android (purchase fees may apply).

What should I do with my used battery ?

You can return it to us so we can recycle it. As a thank you for this gesture for the planet, we will send you a 15€ discount code to be used on your next purchase.

To do this, contact us directly at to follow the procedure.

FAQ Technical FAQ

What do I have to do to start up my OKMOS e-board for the first time ?

Download our START GUIDE OKMOS to start up your OKMOS e-board for the first time.

Is it possible for me to change the used components of my OKMOS e-board ?

The majority of mechanical and electronic components are sold on the Accessories page of our website.

What should I do if my OKMOS e-board stops working or if I have any questions about it ?

We are available to provide support or answer any questions you may have.

If you have any doubts, please contact us at

My OKMOS e-board turns off or stops by itself, is that normal ?

Yes, this is normal and can be caused by several reasons. In case of inactivity, your e-board and remote control may switch off automatically.

It’s also possible that your e-board and remote control have run out of battery. If the maximum weight of the e-board is exceeded, then the power may be cut off. Finally, if you go up a slope with too great a difference in height, the e-board may shut down.

My OKMOS e-board switches on by itself when I ride it, is this normal ?

Yes, this is normal. When the back wheels are turned, they make the motors turn on. This is the roll-to-sart mechanism.

My OKMOS e-board doesn’t stop immediately when I brake, why ?

When you ride fast, the braking will be progressive, for safety reasons.

On the other side, when riding slowly, the braking will be immediate. It is therefore important to ride at a speed that is always adapted to the situation and to be proactive.

I have difficulty taking curves with my OKMOS e-board, what can I do ?

This is a setting that needs to be changed. Our e-boards are configured at the factory to be used by beginner riders. The trucks are therefore very tight and the bushings are made of 95a, so they are very hard. To facilitate taking curves, simply unscrew the trucks and if this is not enough, you can replace the bushings with less hard ones (80a for example).

My OKMOS e-board is too flexible, how can I fix it ?

Simply screw the trucks or replace the bushings with harder ones.

My OKMOS e-board shuts down when climbing, is this normal ?

Yes, this is normal. When the gradient is too high, the charge on the e-board causes a disconnection of the electronics.

I lost the braking function when going downhill, is this normal ?

Yes, when the electric skateboard is 100% charged, the braking function may no longer work when going downhill. Indeed, our battery has a regenerative function during braking, losses of braking can be caused by the overload of energy brought during downhill. Your e-board can lose braking at any time, as can all electric skateboards with an electric braking function.

My OKMOS e-board doesn't turn on anymore, what can I do ?

First of all, check that the battery is loaded. If it still doesn't turn on, check that the cables on the back truck are in the right place and in good condition.

If the e-skate refuses to start despite these checks, contact us at